LUV iz… the 5th element that will save mankind

“Contemplate the workings of this world, listen to the words of the wise, take all that is good as your own. With this as your base, open your own door to truth. Do not overlook the truth that is right before you. Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything—even mountains, rivers, plants, and trees—should be your teacher.“

– Morihei Ueshiba



ETSY SHOP now open!




BEADz by Jazari
are the exclusive accessory
for your communiTEEZ brand tshirt 

I’m now selling BEADED NECKLACES online via my ETSY SHOP.

I’ve been threading these neckpieces with my bare hands for a few summers now.

Everytime I’d check out my selfies, despite my fresh new vneck tshirt – my neck appeared skinny and naked.

Since I’m not a fan of gold chains, I began crafting these beaded necklaces to accessorize my ‘pencil neck’.

The beads I thread together generally compliment the colors of the tshirts and/or sneakers that I wear.

Sporting my beads (& tees) around town, the many compliments I garnered led me to open up this Etsy shop and sell these organic, eye-catching conversation pieces.


Tshirts & TankTops are sold separately


LUV iz… like a stamp

LUV iz... like a stamp by communiTEEZ
LUV iz… like a stamp, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

is aimed at people
who want to
maximize their potential.

And to do that,
I insist you throw
caution to the wind,
ignore the pleas of parents,
coaches, spouses,
and bosses to be

Realistic people do not
accomplish extraordinary things
because the odds
against success stymie them.

The best performers
ignore the odds.

I will show you
that instead of
limiting themselves
to what’s probable,

the best will pursue
the heart-pounding,
exciting, really big,
difference-making dreams
–so long as catching them

might be possible.”

~ John Eliot, Ph.D.

LUV iz… true success

LUV iz... true success by communiTEEZ
LUV iz… true success, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

Within the communiTEEZ logo
you will find the pronounciation
of the word #SUCCESS

my old #business card
(shown in the middle)
when i co-founded
“Sound of Success,LLC”
with 2 college buddies

It is said
– in anything –
is following your #heART

If thats the case,
then each #individual
#MUST have a custom
#blueprint of SUCCESS
carved into their heART

…this #LOGO was kree8d
to #symbolize
the #unique gift
that each one of us
is here on #earth
to #share

….so please #LUV
more & more everyday
because only by
“Living Ur Vision”
by sharing your #Vision

will we #BE the #CHANGE
we wish to #SEE
in our #communiTEEZ

empower your world, one communiTEE at a time