CommuniTEEZ by communiTEEZ
CommuniTEEZ, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

Writer Rebecca Walker relates, His Holiness (Dalai Lama) “was talking about the myth of independence.

“If you are so independent,
he asked, who grows your food?

Who sews your clothes,
builds your house,
makes sure that water
comes out of your showerhead?

How were you even born?

The fact is, he said,
we have not done one single thing alone,
without the help of a small army of others,
and yet
we walk around talking about
the necessity and supremacy of independence.

It’s completely irrational.””

~ Jean M. Twenge from The Narcissism Epidemic

Einstein said:
“From the standpoint of daily life,
however, there is one thing
we do know:
that we are here
for the sake of each other –
above all for those
upon whose smile
and well-being
our own happiness depends,
and also for the countless
unknown souls
with whose fate we are connected
by a bond of sympathy.
Many times a day
I realize how much
my own outer and inner life
is built upon the labors
of my fellow men,
both living and dead,
and how earnestly
I must exert myself
in order to
give in return
as much as I have received.”


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