communiTeez by communiTEEZ
communiTeez, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

David Emerald says in his great book The Power of TED*:

“One of the fundamental differences
between the Victim Orientation
and this one [Creator]
is where you put your focus of attention…

For Victims,
the focus is always
on what they don’t want:
the problems that seem constantly
to multiply in their lives.
They don’t want the person,
condition, or circumstance
they consider their Persecutor,
and they don’t want
the fear that leads to fight,
flee or freeze reactions, either.

Creators, on the other hand,
place their focus
on what they do want.

Doing this,
Creators still face and solve problems
in the course of creating
outcomes they want,
but their focus remains
fixed on their ultimate VISION.”



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