LUV iz… a journey

LUV iz... a journey by communiTEEZ
LUV iz… a journey, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

From Tal Ben-Shahar’s book Happier:

“The rat racer’s illusion
is that reaching some future destination will bring him lasting happiness;
he does not recognize the significance of the journey.

The hedonist’s illusion
is that only the journey is important.

The nihilist,
having given up on both the destination and the journey,
is disillusioned with life.

The rat racer becomes
a slave to the future;

the hedonist,
a slave to the moment;

the nihilist,
a slave to the past.

Attaining lasting happiness
requires that we enjoy the journey
on our way toward a destination
we deem valuable.

Happiness is not about
making it to the peak
of the mountain
is it about climbing aimlessly
around the mountain;

happiness is
the experience of
climbing toward the peak.”


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