LUV iz… the work of GOD

“Back in the 1950s,
this basic principle of
emotional incompatibility
provided the basis of behavioral therapies designed to treat phobias
and other anxiety disorders.

One simply cannot
be relaxed and stressed
at the same time.

Try it.

You can’t.

Relaxation drives out anxiety
and vice versa.

The Buddha said that

“Hatred cannot coexist
with loving-kindness,
and dissipates
if supplanted with thoughts
based on loving-kindness.”

You cannot be grateful
and resentful at the same time,
forgiving and vengeful.

When we are savoring
the moment we cannot
be regretting the past.”

~ Robert Emmons from Thanks!


“God will not
have his work made
manifest by cowards.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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