LUV iz… knowing when to pull the trigger;

Via Flickr:
"I fully realize that
no wealth of position
can long endure, unless
built upon truth and justice;
I will engage
in no transaction
which does not benefit
all whom it affects.
I will succeed
by attracting to myself
the forces I wish to use,
the cooperation of other people.
I will induce others
to serve me,
because of my willingness
to serve others.
I will eliminate hatred,
envy, jealously, selfishness,
and cynicism,
by developing LUV for all humanity,
I know that a negative attitude
towards others can never
bring me success.
I will cause others to believe in me,
I will believe in them,
and in myself.
I will sign my name
to this formula,
commit it to memory,
repeat it aloud once a day,
with full faith
that it will gradually
influence my thoughts
actions so that I will
become a self-reliant
successful person."

– Napoleon Hill,
from his best-selling
and groundbreaking book:

Think and Grow Rich.


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