LUV iz… going to work

“People often have the desire to do creative work but can’t make themselves go directly to their computer and write, to their studio to paint, or to their piano and compose.

Something—some fear, some doubt, some memory of failure—paralyzes them and prevents them from taking that first step.

If only they could take that first step, the second step and the third step would follow naturally and easily.

But some invisible wall stands between them and their creative efforts.

If they stood up and took one single step they’d crash through the block and be out the other side.

But making the effort feels beyond them.

One way to prevent this block from happening is to use the phrase:

I’m going directly to work” as a mantra and memory aid.

“I’m going directly to work!”

Can you feel the power in that phrase?

The phrase is energizing, encouraging, even heroic-sounding.

I’m going directly to work!”

To my ear, it sounds like your victory is assured.
Do give it a try.
Say it out loud right now.

I’m going directly to work!”

Or just, “I’m going to work!”

Or just, “Work!””

~ Eric Maisel
from The Creativity Book




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