obama again ?!

I hope you dont mind if I share my opinion about the ELECTION…

Not to say ‘who cares?!’ but no matter who wins…. I will still be tending to my family as best as I can by going to work , paying my bills & taxes to help the economy a bit.

Regarding Benghazi… there are risks to every job. 
Everyday a police officer has the potential to get shot & a firefighter has the potential to get burned. That is why I CHOOSE to be neither and especially why I wouldnt choose to be an ambassador.

Everyone has to be aware of the inherent risk of being a representative of another nation on foreign land. Therefore, submitting your resume for that position says that you are fully aware of that risk and are able and willing.

(I dont know where you guys are from but walking on the wrong block in America can get you killed )

Are you upset about the RESPONSE or lack there of on behalf of Obama? 

Do you feel our ambassador needed more security?

**Didn’t JFK get shot despite having security in the car & even running alongside the car?!? ON AMERICAN TERRITORY mind you ?

I leave you with this last final question….

As president of a nation that is still in a war from the last time someone said “it was a terroist attack”…

would you REALLY be as quick to say that shit the SECOND time around ?!

Alot of us can’t even handle our own ‘domestic policies’ at home, let alone have a solid strategy for our neighbors across seas.

US… ‘WE’ Americans are too quick to point fingers and seek blame instead of trying to understand the situation at hand.

A LEADer can’t be a GOOD LEADER without people to LEAD, without the support of his people.

How good of a father or mother can you be when all your kids do is criticize your every move, your every decision?

How do you GROW and fulfill your promise when no matter what you do – you get chopped down ?

Lets stop blaming and begin to THINK together and CREATIVELY to get ourselves out of these messes.

Lets combine forces as PEOPLE – not as republicans & democrats nor yankees & redsox.

Enough is Enough!


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