ran 5k in 25:44

this is my second year run/walking the Kaiser Permanente bt Turner Field in Atlanta, GA

It is quite an experience particularly because i do not run regularly.

To top it off, this year i decided to run with my Vibrams…

considering that i didnt train… i ran (and i walked) pretty well..

after one and 3/4 mile.. that pain under the ribcage started to bother me so i walked a bit to catch my breath

all the while i kept my eye on a few coworkers ahead of me and kept them within range…

once i caught my breath i maintained a solid pace until the ribcage pain was coming back… at that point however i caught a glimpse of the Finish Line up ahead ( and my coworkers! ) so I decided to sprint and make up for lost time (from briefly walking… twice!)

(plus i told the guys back at the office that i’d run under a 26:00 since last year i ran a 27:20)

The aftermath:

Holy sh*t ! was i in pain… immediately after the race my calves felt like they were going to pop !

the run was this past thursday… today is monday… my legs ached so bad all weekend… (i literally walked like a 90 year old with arthritis)

aw man… i’m looking forward to running in my vibrams again though, hehe

the hard-headed learn the hard way i guess..

stay tuned.



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