The PRESENT is a gift….

Untitled by communiTEEZ
Untitled, a photo by communiTEEZ on Flickr.

“Abundant Creator, Infinite Source of All That Is, we recognize your presence within and among us.
We offer our purest gratitude for that which has brought us together to co-create with You and with each other.
We thank You, Divine Source, that we may all become present to Your gifts we have come forth with.
With Margaret’s guidance, may we learn to share these Gifts with the passion and greatness a Rock Star mission deserves.
We acknowledge it is Margaret’s courage and willingness to be that which she was meant to be that has created for us an opportunity to serve, receive and learn from her Gifts.
It is so that in serving Margaret’s mission to create Rock Stars on a Mission that we too serve our mission and the mission of those who serve us.
For it is in service to others that we serve You, our Source.
And it is within this glorious space of giving and receiving service that we reap the greatest Gifts of all.

May we grow in our knowingness of the power of our choices and embrace the courage to choose and choose again and take action again and again with Awareness, Courage, Faith and Grace.

May we each heal every false thought or small idea we have ever had about ourselves and others.

May we recognize the time is now to take action.

When we go to our dwelling places, with each other we will remain through the miracle that is You, Our Creator.

We take with us the Gifts that were shared here and though we are still the same people as we were when we arrived, our lives will not be the same.

And so it is! “

Prayer by Reverend Kimberly Francano
for Margaret Lynch’s “Ignite Your Power” Conference


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