sweet 16

ENTROPY’s kree8d within every bond
tis why I choose to live my life as James Bond
mixed with X, Mahatma & sprinkled with MAZ
accredited to teach CKCS to the mass
from within- we witnessed, the establishment krumble
so we 8 just enough to satiate the grumble(s)
we stumbled exerting every push, every pull
just stoking our FIRE(s) undermining the wool
right before their eyes, stayed pulling our stunts
pre-requisite training to embody urban monks
the krakberry, the treez and the stolen mpTHREEz
all dojo equipment to sharpen our steez
the real 1% exist’n amongst the many
of how WE are GODS who’ve forgotten divination
we disrobe amnesia thru SEKSES-ful KREE8-ions 

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