rookie learns what “bonking” is – the hard way

…excruciating ride this past saturday… on mile#26- on the way back, both legs cramped up until both quads seized up with 15+ miles to go!!

awww man… sooo many lessons learned this weekend







5 thoughts on “rookie learns what “bonking” is – the hard way”

    1. sorry for the tardy response! this was one of my earlier rides – I didn’t have my road bike yet so I was using my friend’s MTB.
      OMG – I almost died that day.

      Alot of lessons learned:
      1. padded shorts are lifesavers (literally, since I think that saddle was cutting circulation to my legs!)
      2. eating half of a banana before riding 30plus miles is NOT enough nutrition
      3. (1) 32oz bottle of fluid is NOT enough to hydrate
      4. carry snacks / gels / saltines / SOMETHING! to get back some salt after SWEATING gallons!
      5. grab snacks prior to riding out versus waiting until you need salt or gatorade in the middle of nowhere (the gas station we finally found was another 10miles away from when I started cramping!)
      6. dont use a MTB to ride more than 20miles on the road
      7. carry allen keys/tool to adjust saddle if need be

      I can go on and on but you get the picture! I’m definitely better prepared before each ride now.


      1. Lessons learned the hard way seem to last. This past week I was riding with a very experienced cyclist who was trying out a new “low-carb diet” — she bonked out at around 40 miles into a 80 mile ride. It was a very difficult ride home, even after she decided to break her diet and eat a few carb gels I had. As the old saying goes, “Eat before you’re hungry; drink before you’re thirsty.”


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