Success Seven

Acknowledgement is a motivating force for me.  Since others won’t always acknowledge your efforts and hard work – why not just do it yourself ?!

I wokeup feeling SENSATIONAL today because last night I successfully accomplished a few things:

1.  @ work I arranged and successfully executed a Meeting with one of our vendors, who treated us to Mulberry Pizza!

2.  Completed my “Morning Pages” exercise… in the morning!

3. read a few pages in my ebook “Live Life Aggressively” by Mike Mahler and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron

4. my arrived so Jaz and I kree8’d a couple of SURVIVAL BRACELETS… I even re-threaded mine since I made it too big the first time

5. after work, I did a favor for one of Jas’ coworker friends by changing her car battery

6. bought groceries – mostly fruits and veggies to JUICE in the morning & evening

7.  swang double kettlebells with Jas down by the pool @ 11pm… it was awesome!  Thanks babe for all of your support !  I am super proud of you for following thru.


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