weekLy SUCCESS (es)

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“If we do not discipline ourselves the world will do it for us.”

– William Feather

With that said:

I’m becoming more efficient in successfully accomplishing daily tasks by following an old robber-baron strategy of listing (6) items on your to-do list THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Afterwards, you list them by priority as #1 thru #6

I’ve modified the strategy to complete a task for each of the (5) pillars everyday.

By day’s end, I’ve completed a Financial goal, a Mental goal, a SPIRITUAL goal, a Physical goal and a Social goal.

The objective is to develop as a ‘well-rounded’ person one day at a time.

I am still disciplining myself to do this daily so when I kree8 a blog post I’m including goals I’ve completed thruout the week or weekend:

MENTAL moves:

aside from my job-related material, I am currently reading (2) books:

‘Living in the Heart’ (DrunvaLo Melchizedek)

‘Popes & Bankers’ (Jack Cashill)
PHYSICAL performance:

SPIRITUAL success:
…this one has a evolved a bit in my life considering that I’m not practicing the typical dogma of going to chu’ch every Sunday

I mean, I still give THANKS for my health, my family & friends, my skills and creativity, my job/paycheck… etc

I THANK GOD for all of it but I’m not practicing RELIGION per se

I feel weird I have to admit since mom invested so much time in showing me the CATHOLIC way and did a decent job instilling it so it’s very much entrenched in my mind

I dunno… we shall see


– I bought a COIN COUNTER for $10 at SEARs that runs on (2) AA batteries.
Anyhow, I had a handful of UNcounted change lying around…. turns out I have $77.00 in COINS!

How financially awe$ome is that?!

– I haven’t made ‘COMMUNITEEZ’ a steady stream of income just yet, but I’m producing more and more material.

I am very thankful for my fans/supporters.

SOCIAL strokes:

-hitup the DECATUR BEERFEST this weekend with dem ATL boys

(shoutout to ‘slidetickle’, hah!)


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