the phab phive_

Worked out with Kbells this morning at 5am!!
I tried ‘EARTHING‘ by working out on the grass barefoot too.
I’ve been slacking on my EFT tapping but going to tap for a spell tonight!
spent  invested, $180.00 at WholeFoods… bought tilapia, BISON, crab cakes and catfish to COOKUP for the week….  hoping to save by not buying LUNCH nor DINNER…
I typically spend $10 for Lunch per day and another $10 (minimum) for Dinner
=  $100/week (not including weekends)
x2 (my fiance)
$200  = minimum spent on Lunch and Dinner for two per work week
*breakfast was omitted from these calculations
threw back some beers with some new-found friends by the pool…  met some fantastic people this weekend… including a BODY BUILDING couple that owns a GYM!!
I also met a couple of dudes who play SOFTBALL
…talk about LAW OF ATTRACTION !!
everyday for my blessings & abundance of  LOVE, physical & mental HEALTH, great work, and great people in my LIFE (and those I’ve yet to meet)

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