LUV iz… seamLess communication

LUV iz… global, originally uploaded by communi_teez.

Texts, emails, BlackBerry messenger, ‘face2face’, FaceBook, Twitter, phonecalls, writing letters(?) and even actual talking are ways to connect and interact with one another.
You’d think that with all these ways to stay connected these days that we would BOND more with people.
In a world where the means of communication are profuse (maybe even superfluous) it seems that people DISCONNECT more easily instead.

For instance, you can text or email someone today but you wont get a response (if any) until a week or two later yet you’ll see that same person update their FACEbook or BBmessenger status like 20 times.

Leaving you like “WTF?”

Some people prefer a phone conversation rather than text or an email Sometimes, you will call someone- they wont pickup but they will send you a text response.

I am guilty of this and my excuse is that I can better express myself in writing than verbally. This method can lead to trouble, however, if the person misinterprets what you wrote (or adds unintended emotions).

Life is supposed to be simple but the varieties and options complicate it.


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