humungous RAW salad for LUNCH



Homemade this morning:
spinach and kale
Gala apple
red&orange pepper
flax seed
red onion
A bit of ginger
Dash of sea salt
Dash of dulse
Dash of cayenne & cumin
splash of lemon juice
splash of apple cider vinegar

…Tastes good (I am glad I didn’t add more ginger though)

I made a HUGE salad yet I am impressed that I’m more than half way thru eating it!
I will save the rest for later. Itks only 1230pm so I don’t want to feel hungry later and eat something I’ll regret.

I am proud of myself for resisting the temptation to get pizza or Chipotle like my coworkers. Eventhough I usually order a Veggie bowl from Chipotle- I feel better that I made this salad myself and saved a buck or two.

Maybe next time I’ll throw in some TUNA!?


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