LUV iz… multifaceted

LUV iz… multifaceted, originally uploaded by communi_teez.

I’m still actively pursuing my New Year’s Resolution to be more CONSISTENT in 2011.

However- I’ve got to admit that I’ve been a bit scattered lately…

I realize that I need to take my TimeManagement skills to the next level and really assign TIME SLOTS to my day. My habit has been to create a To-Do list but NOT assign specific time frames to accomplish my tasks.

For instance- I need to jot down: WORKOUT from 7 to 730pm versus just WORKOUT today.

I’ve found that without a time slot I tend to continue to postpone certain tasks until its ‘too late’ and time for bed.

Even with Scattered Thoughts I’ve been able to collect some accolades this past week.

1. with ATL- shutdown due to snow- i managed to strap on my boots and walk 12 miles to work.

2. I published my website FINALLY courtesy of

3. making steady progress at work which I will highlight during my REVIEW on Friday of this week!

4. reaping some ‘social networking’ benefits: got reaquainted with some ol’ friends & getting new orders via FACEBOOK !!!

5. donated the old ’97 Dodge Caravan and leased a new whip!

…more to come

“The way to get started is to quit TALKING and begin doing.”

++Walt Disney


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