seek within

seek within, originally uploaded by communi_teez.

…. We are constantly invited to be who we are.
Once upon a time (today), an old (Beyond school leaving age), Buddhist (open minded), philosopher (student of life) sat next to a river (the one near you). There, contemplating life (grumbling about the way thing’s are),
looking upon the roaring waters for wisdom.
He asked the spirits of the wind, “Shall I be as the river, ever rushing, ever roaring?” The spirits whispered through the leaves… no.
He asked he spirits of the stars, “Shall I be as the water, ever flowing, never solid, never showing one face?”
The spirits of the stars twinkled in the purple evening sky… no.Looking down at his robes (blue jeans) and considered this.
Asking no one, he voiced his doubts, “Then what wisdom am I to gain from this mighty river? I seek to learn from the world in which I find myself. Are there no lessons for me here, no lessons save more humility?”
The river gurgled at him, laughing at his silly questions… you seek to be as I am, you seek to be as water is, but neither have you asked what each seek themselves. You seek wisdom. So be it.
Be not as the river. Be not as the water. Be as the motion.

In your life, bring change. In your friendships, bring growth.

Reshape the world around you. Be creation’s hand.

Be the motion.

That is your lesson.


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