LUV iz… appreciating your current situation, everyday

Today I read from one of my daily newsletters that in order to ATTRACT and continue to ATTRACT anything in Life- one must have a grateful attitude towards Life and all that it brings.

I want to start my list by stating that I am very grateful for this new job @ ICE. I work with intelligent people and have an awesome boss. I am learning new skills everyday.

The income is another benefit I am thankful for. I’ve been able to continue to slowly fund my tshirt business on the side and still splurge on the things that I want.

I am thankful for being blessed with good health and being able to fill my belly with wholesome meals everyday.

I am grateful for a Loving family that supports and encourages me even when I don’t make the best decisions. I am particularly grateful for my brothers and sisters who’ve served as my mentors over the years. I adore each and everyone of you.

I thank God for my fiance. Her Love has been priceless as we overcome the obstacles on our journey.

I thank God for blessing me with my skills and style. I LUV how kree8ive and stylish I am. I’ve always had a knak for ART and an eye for design.

THANK God that people like and buy what I kree8!

Lastly- I am grateful for my mind. I LUV how I think and everyday look forward to expanding even more in all realms of my life.

I LUV that I have the power (and privilege) to change my thoughts regardless of what is going on around me.

I am grateful that I am NOWHERE..

Carpe Diem


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