LUV iz… a catch22

LUV iz… deep
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Has the pursuit of ‘success’ transformed me into some sort of cyborg; callous and steadfast to MY cause by any means?

For years now I’ve been self-helping myself to lead an allegedly positive-minded lifestyle.
Repeating countless affirmations, re-listening to meditation cds and re-reading books, etc. that wash my brain of ‘negative’ thinking patterns.
In a way- Training- mentally- as an athlete would train- physically- to push themselves to the next plateau.

Striving to be a success SOUNDS like an honest endeavor. The theory to irradicate negativity from one’s life SEEMs sound.

The ‘catch22’ is that while I’ve got my headphones on, listening to subliminals on how to be compassionate and forgiving…

-I’m signing documents to Dissolve an LLC because my (ex)business partner swears i’m dishonest and shiesty

The ‘catch22’ is that while I’m ‘saving’ money in my piggy bank on my journey towards financial freedom…

-my car overheats and needs an unexpected $400 to fix

-my grandma passes away in Dominican Republic and I must decide between buying a flight to visit her grave or sending the money to ensure she has one (i didn’t go)

-the IRS sends me a notice stating they overpaid me $600 in my 2008 taxes and I must repay them immediately

(instead of looking like a plump lil’ pig bursting with coins, my piggy bank is looking like bacon- dry and shriveled up, hah!)


I guess thats why buddhists monks and sages ISOLATE themselves from the world high above it all in the Appalachian mountains and such.

Living in a bubble might be the only way to truly achieve a drama-free lifestyle but in the end I dont even think that’ would be healthy.

I mean- we need YANG to have YiN


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