LUV iz… A LifestyLe

The difference between whether you say, ‘I wish I would have,’ or ‘I’m glad I did,’ at the end of your life is whether or not you take DECISIVE ACTION during your life.
+ Chris Widener
-Happy 39th Kpin! Had a great time Friday night. Shoutout to ICE and the fellas that made it out… Thanks.
-celebrated my Fiance’s change of fortune with Drinks and some sliders @ Ray’s… CONGRATS babe!
-shoutout to DJ Eddiestilo,


-still keep spending
-sorted out the receipts- will tally spreadsheet tomorrow

-invested 250USD @ Costco… Bought frozen berries, spinach, WHEY, and more wholesome food for the week
-mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, bundled up fallen branches… the yard’s looking mush neater since the last bags of leaves were discarded earlier this week…  Great work, nice tan

-collecting new verses everyday, still need to kree8 teez

Show yourself in all respects a model of good works.
+Titus 2:7

(photo)reading WIRESHARK manual for work


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