LUV iz.. Well-rounded

You’d think that with WEALTH, good mental and physical HEALTH will be automatic… Since you have the means to tend to yourself (or have chefs do it) with wholesome organic foods and top of the line personal trainers. (This guy owned a ball club for crying out loud!!!)

…a HEART attack can only come from a toxic combination of phat steaks and the grim reaper called Stre$$…

A man of his stature shouldn’t even be getting upset nor be out of shape…

I mean- the man owns a ball club with personal trainers and therapists running all over the place


he could literally afford to MEDITATE with the Dali Lama himself or go to Anger Management specialists


he could afford to relieve his ten$ion$ regularly at spas & resorts whenever and wherever he pleased


he could eat the best foods and supplements that mother Earth can offer… a-la-carte

Obviously- His mind nor body evolved @ the same rate that his bank account$ did.

R.I.P. George Stienbrenner

Carpe Diem


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