LUV iz… Well phed & well rested

-cut the grass and trimmed the hedges, washed the filthy garbage bin
-started doing pullups again with the ‘iron gym’… will incorporate more hanging leg raises for some AB work as well

-added a few bux to my piggybank, but have to count it and divvy it up into our JAR$ tonight and practice MY FINANCIAL FREEDOM AFFIRMATIONS!!

-completing 2 ORDERS to mailout by Wednesday afternoon!

-the DISSOLUTION process is still underway and OUT OF MY HANDS… turnsout that the Secretary of NYState takes from 2 to 3 weeks to send LegalZoom approval to proceed…

-meditating every morning with Holosync
-being THANKFUL EVERYDAY for ALL of the blessings I’m receiving

-watched BRASIL v IVORY COAST @ a great pub, afterwards had a few STELLA’s poolside with an awesome group of people

I went outside to find a friend
But could not find one there;
I went outside to be a friend,
And friends were everywhere!


-I am ‘photoreading’…. or practicing at least- (it really is a MENTAL exercise in that you have to remove your innate skepticism so that the process can work!!)

– i hope to not only ‘expand’ my mental database but to be able to draw upon it when needed and TAKE appropriate ACTION

“Any worthwhile pursuit will have stumbling blocks. If we fall, we MUST GET BACK UP. The only way not to ACCOMPLISH our goal is to stay down.”

~Nick Bogatin


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