LUV iz… exploiting time

I’ve been meditating DAILY with HOLOSYNC and self recorded AFFIRMATIONS
Worked out with Kbells yesterday
Did ALOT OF YARD WORK today… we are ready to BARBEQUE!
my BACK is feeling it… SHOUTOUT to all the Landscapers!  much props…
Been spending doe but more like ‘INVESTING’….
 bought TOOLS for the yard to do Landscaping
went out to EAT with wifey… ‘spend’ quality time ( no pun intended)
but the MONEY’S coming in now.. SHOUTOUT TO POLANCO– who keeps me working! 
Hit up some bars and threw back some beers with some new-found friends… SHOUTOUT TO ‘ASHER’ & crew
everyday for my blessings & WEALTH- of LUV, physical & mental HEALTH, great work, and great people in my LIFE 

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