LUV iz… doin it OVER and OVER and…


+ wokeup today for the 1st KbeLL session of the day… i intend to followup tonight with another session

2) MENTAL:  (piece of mind)

+ after my 3 Saturday @ DMV.. i managed to change my Out Of State Driver’s License…
+ changed pLUV’s water >>>


Why do some souls leave so early? 

The son of my father’s friend died over the weekend. I dont know if it was an accident or if it was from malicious actions of another.  He was less than 20 years of age…


+ took my baby to a DELICIOUS dinner for our 5 year anniversary… a bottle of PROSECO… filet ‘oscar style’…topped off with a slice of heaven called Strawberry Shortcake

+ made a HUGE investment in my future… FINALLY

Nobody can tell you if what you’re doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is.

+ Hugh Macleod


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