in the end.. its only GOD and me

Ciel !
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The strongest man in the world is the man who stands alone.

~Thomas H. Huxley (1825 – 1895)_____________

maintaining good personal RELATIONships is very challenging.

appeasing family members is a task in and of itself… let alone, relating to strangers…

sharing a meal is easy…

..but how will you react if i share my innermost feelings with you ?
…my beliefs ?
…my goals ?
…my aspirations that are soo different from yours?

…MY truths ?

will you still look at me the same?

will you still be my… ‘friend’?

if you want to have relations with friends and family… you HAVE TO ‘reserve’ a little bit of yourself

.. you can never be your TRUE SELF entirely…

because in order to keep people in your life… you have to tirelessly ‘act out’ and maintain their PERCEPTIONS of you..

so the day you grow tired of preTENDing and remove ‘the mask’

…the day you start behaving like your TRUE SELF.. the inner you… the STRONG you…

-be ready to STAND ALONE because..

your ‘friends’ and even some family members will disperse like an open bag of SKITTLES droppin’ to the floor

that is why the STRONGEST MAN is the man who stands ALONE because many of us arent STRONG enough to stop pretending in order for OTHERS to like us… and be around us

being STRONG is not being afraid to STAND ALONE.


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