"u can have whateva u like…"

Aston Martin DB9
Originally uploaded by Willem Rodenburg

“It seems to me that people have vast potential.
Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks.
Yet most people don’t.
They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever. “

~Philip Adams


People having ‘potential’ is unquestionable. [ Even the Bible states that humans are GODS (as they are children of God)]

As i go on experiencing MY life- I am coming across people that possess extra-ordinary talents or skills but lead ordinary lives.

My observations lead me to believe that SOCIETY has been trying to deflate me into ‘survival mode.”

If i am not persistent in my efforts to maintain my FOCUS on the abundance that I am blessed with everyday- I will settle for a regular lifestyle of driving home in a old, delapitated mid sized sedan from a job I dont like- miserable, out of shape and with just enough energy to flick the tv on until its bedtime.

SOCIETY is truly abundant in that it offers a vast array of options for everything and anything that you wish…

however Being bombarded by soo many options sometimes leaves me STUCK and overwhelmed… to the point where i wont pick ANY option!!?

This is why i continue to READ of past greats and their achievements and why I also continue to use their quotes because they help me stay FOCUSed.

They help me remember WHY I started on this journey in the first place.

They help me remember WHY i want to succeed & achieve my goals…

WHY ? … because I want to eat wholesome foods, wear quality clothing, travel to exotic lands and drive exotic vehicles…


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